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Intro Session


Billed Monthly

  • Bored with your normal routine at that dime-a-dozen Globo Gym? Looking for something different, where goals are achieved daily? Want to find out first-hand what CrossFit is all about?

    We’ll talk with you about your goals and specific needs, and then put you through Day 1 of our On Ramp Program, a great introductory CrossFit workout.

On Ramp


Billed Monthly

  • The majority of new clients that join CrossFit Manatee haven’t had any experience with CrossFit. Therefore, all new members start with our “On Ramp” Program. It’s designed to introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, the core CrossFit movements, and the intensity of the workouts. Our On-Ramp program is so effective that, on average, we see about a 24-25% gain in performance among any athlete that completes it! Just like CrossFit as a whole, the On Ramp is a learning experience, not a gut check. You can’t “fail” the On Ramp. After you complete the course, you’ll be ready to jump into any of our daily group classes and start moving safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

10 Class Punch Card

  • 10 Attendance Pack

10 Yoga Punch Card

  • 10 Attendance Pack

20 Class Punch Card

  • 20 Attendance Pack

Week Drop In Pass

  • 7 Attendance Pack

Yoga Single Session

  • 1 Attendance Pack